5 Browser Extensions For Smart Online Shopping

5 Browser Extensions For Smart Online Shopping

With the festive season approaching, you must be eager about picking up bargains to get your shopping game on point.  Whether you want the perfect gift for a friend or a particular souvenir for your family, install these browser extensions to get updates on hot deals online:


Availability: Chrome, Firefox, Safari

A little weird sounding, this extension is perfect if you’re looking for some discounts on a product for long. Prices on Amazon keep fluctuating but keeping CamelCamelCamel handy will let you access push alerts if there’s a price drop. Likewise, If there is an item that interests you, you’ll be the first one to get notified of offers. This can be very useful during holidays or shopping season to catch the best deals online.




Availability: Chrome Firefox, Safari

Honey is the one-click extension button that lets you find the most comprehensive deals, coupons, and discounts on the web. While you’re too busy to be searching for deals and yet too eager to shop, Honey can save you a whole lot of time by listing out coupons and discounts for you.



Availability: Chrome Firefox, Safari

Piggy is way similar to Honey, seated quietly on your browser until you reach a particular checkout searching to find available discounts. Piggy saves you the trouble of hunting around the web for attractive deals and just like Honey, it gets you discount alerts and relevant coupons.






Availability: Chrome

Have a shopping wish-list? Get Hintd now. This extension works like an extended wish-list manager – letting you compare prices and look up offers available all across the web.

Unlike the Chrome extension which lets you only bookmark items, Hintd saves your choices to do actual list management and comparison through the Hintd website.

In case you’re really clueless about what to buy, Hintd provides you with an expert’s list of most desirable and trending in particular categories.




Availability: Chrome Firefox, Safari

Just like its name, InvisibleHand works its way to stop you right on time when you’re about to overpay for a product online. The extension tracks prices across more than 20, 000 retailers and sends a warning if cheaper prices available elsewhere.

The extension is also very helpful for booking hotels, rentals cars, and tracking flight ticket prices if you’re headed for a vacation.





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