Honda’s face-off with Tesla

Honda's face-off with Tesla

A statement by Honda in June said that it will be launching 2 new EVs specifically for the Chinese market. It also said that its first EV for Europe along with china will debut at the Frankfurt motor Show in the mid of September. The company’s president and CEO, Takahiro Hachigo mentioned that the other vehicle will serve for the other regions.With Honda aiming to electrify around 65% of its cars by 2030, it promises to share more info over how it plans to achieve this at the Frankfurt. With no info from the company, it is expected that the newer EVs will have a range exceeding 100 miles/charge.

 Honda’s want to make complete electric vehicles marks a significant shift for the company. The company previously focused for the development of hydrogen and hybrid cars but when big markets like china strengthens laws favoring EVs, switching hands for them was never a bad idea. This was showed by the fact that it announced to give one electric car to china by 2018.Honda is trying to catch up with other automakers including Volkswagen, ford and nisaan who have already committed to roll out higher range EVs by the next two years.

What’s next! Tesla, the king in the EV section, shows its greatness by delivering its first 30 Model 3 vehicles in the end of July, a car capable of going 220 miles/charge and priced at $35K (excluding taxes).Honda, like other companies is bent on sharping in Chinese market to head start its EV sales because of the china compulsion over EV.Even Renault-Nissan announced that it plans an electric mini for china in 2019. Ford announcement over launching a new brand for EV and GM’s already selling a small E-car shows the stiff competition this electric thing brings in for the china market.


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