React Native

Top Brands that work on React Native Platform:

React is a Software Programming framework created by Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook, the Social Networking Giant. It was made an open source in May 2013.

The whole idea of building this entirely new framework was to make web developing easier without losing tract of what component could be found where.

Our initial introduction to React was a result of a direct request by the one of our reputed clients. They suggested we select a new framework for the development of their new online platform. After testing and comparing various frameworks, React emerged as the indisputable winner. So we selected React for that project and have never stopped using ever since. It is rapidly becoming one of our favourite development frameworks.

What happens in React Framework?
When using React Framework, the entire application gets subdivided into several components- each of which is defined by its own feature, style, and functioning. In React Native both logic and interface get integrated more tightly thus making it easier for developers and testers to scroll through the entire application, And also in understanding the internal logic and dependencies.

Some of the great examples of Apps coded in React native are as follows:


React native started off in 2013 as a result of a Hackathon project. Web development as we know has many advantages like fast iterations and having a single team build the entire product. The intention behind React native was to bring all of these benefits of web development into mobile.  Initially, the Development team converted the event dashboard feature in Facebook into react native. This was done in order to test the performance, the startup time in particular. Startup time plays a very crucial role in defining the first impression of any user. The result of using react native was that the startup time was reduced to half of what it was before.

Facebook Ads:

Facebook Ads was the first React Native app for android ever built. The framework suited perfectly well for the immense number of complex business logic that is required for handling differences in ads


Skype is still in the testing stage for implementing react native into their app. They had recently announced that a new Android app written in React native is under testing. It is a much-awaited news after the numerous problems the fairly designed app had encountered in the past. The new revamped Skype is already available for preview on iOS.

The news of React Native Plug-in moving towards Microsoft hints that soon we could have React Native working quite well on Windows platforms too.