mobile first algorithm

Steps to ace Google’s Mobile-first algorithm

Google has always been consistent with upgrading itself as per consumer habits. In 2016, Google had announced its mobile-first approach being under testing. As of this year, new is that Google is implementing its mobile-first algorithm. This means now it’s time to optimize your websites as per the latest SEO requirements In order to keep your website from having a downfall.

Here we have enlisted a few simple steps to get you started:

Responsiveness nature of your website:
Redesign your website into a responsive site ASAP- Starting from the smallest screen to the largest. This helps ensure that the screen version has only the essential features thus optimizing the UX for all small-screen devices.

Maintaining Mobile version of all pages:

Ensure that every page of your website contains a full-fledged mobile version with all the content and functionality of the desktop version. This is very essential as Google has now started ranking websites based on their mobile version database.

All directives should have an inventory:
The fundamental aim of Google’s new algorithm is not just about catering to mobile users but also to enhance the user experience. It is to ensure that users find whatever they are searching for in no time. In order to achieve that one must keep in mind NOT to have irregularities and redirections. Tools like website crawler can be used to clean out ‘no-index’ directives.

Maintain a Good Page Speed:
When a user visits your website on their phone, your page should load in less than 3-5 seconds. Any delays beyond this would result in you losing about 50% of your visitors. Google penalizes any website that does not load quickly or incurs a high bounce rate. This is to ensure a better user experience.

Review your Website Server response:
optimizing your server response is as important as directives are. Removal of 404 pages, fixing of broken links and ensuring redirect chains transition directly to the destination page a; ensures better optimization of servers.


Here at Fleapo , we create websites that follow the mobile-first indexing algorithm of Google. This makes the websites that we create mobile-friendly. In the age of smartphones, it is necessary to design websites that are optimal not only for the desktop or laptop but also for the smartphone.