roadmap to become a web3 developer

Roadmap to become a Web3 Developer

2022 is the best year to learn Web3 development, but don’t know how to do that? what are the prerequisites? where to begin? what tools to learn and use? This article is for you only!

So Let’s Get Started!!!


Becoming a Web3 developer is comparatively easier if you are a Web2 developer, you can take many things with you from Web2 to Web3. Web3 applications have standard vanilla JavaScript that’s why before delving into developing your first decentralised app it is important to learn the basics of Front-End development and how the Web works. Learn HTML, CSS, JS and pick up any of your choice of framework like React or Angular and start building a static website.


Once you have completed the prerequisites, it’s time to learn about Blockchain.


Learn Blockchain Technologyblockchain logo-web3-fleapo


As a Web3 developer you need to understand what the Blockchain is, how it works, and what might disrupt the way we exchange goods and make payments. Blockchain technology is no more related only to crypto coins but it has become a truly distributed cloud computing system capable of running full back-ends to power cutting edge decentralised applications.The applications built in Blockchain technology are called decentralised applications or dapps. Front-End is built using JavaScript or a framework of libraries like React, Vue etc. Solidity, Solana and Rust is used in Back-End. 


Learn How Ethereum Works?


A Web3 developer needs to understand how Ethereum works. Ethereum is a software running on a network of computers that ensures replication in processing of small programs called Smart Contracts. The majority of decentralised applications runs on Ethereum Blockchain and even the Smart Contracts have been implemented by Ethereum consortium then copied by other Blockchains. Ethereum and smart contracts are like bread and butter, you need to understand both.


Learn Smart Contracts

Smart contracts is software stored on a Blockchain based platform that automatically executes an agreement, it is written in Solidity, Rust or Viper. Viper is a Solidity but in Python flavour and is a key component of any decentralised application powering its business logic and allowing you to store information on the Blockchain. So knowing what smart contracts are is not enough as a Web3 or Blockchain developer , you have to know how to write your own Smart Contracts and use them to power your own decentralised application.

Learn Solidity Language


Solidity is a high level contract oriented programming language to write smart contracts , allowing programmers to write self executing codes. 


Now that you know how to create smart contracts, now choose between two JavaScript libraries Web3.js or Ether.js.

Know Everything About Web3.js

Web3.js is a collection of libraries that allows you to connect with local or remote Ethereum nodes using HTTP, web-sockets and other connection protocol directly from JavaScript-based Front-End. Ethers.js is a lightweight javascript and an alternative of Web3.js.

Study Alchemy In Details is just like Amazon Web Services of the Blockchain, it provides you the infrastructure needed to deploy your decentralised applications, and also provide you with the APIs to deploy NFT collections without writing a single Solidity line of notifications connected to on-chain events in an enhanced Web3 library with smart sockets and an expanded Ethereum API.

Know The Workings Of  Tools


Remix is a free web-based integrated development environment specifically developed for Ethereum Smart Contract development using Solidity and YUL.


Speed up your development with a Truffle. Truffle is a development environment, testing framework in asset pipeline for any EVM Blockchain and Ganache on the other hand comes, included in the truffle suite and it is used to test Ethereum Contracts and transactions.

Study Moralismoralis-web3-fleapo

Now think firebase of crypto, this is the place where Moralis role comes into the action. Moralis provides managed backend for blockchain projects automatically syncing the balances of your users into the database allowing you to set up on-chain alerts, watch Smart Contracts events , build indexes  and many more. It is a game changer by leveraging the power of a wallet-based authentication system and fetching data directly from the Blockchains, saving it to a no SQL database.


There is a high demand for Web3 developers, want to know why click on this link new technology in trend and you’ll get the answer. If you do all the things well mentioned till now, you can become an expert in Blockchain technology.