Five ways to improve your Instagram Followers:

Five ways to improve your Instagram Followers:

Instagram which initially started off as a fun app has outgrown that impression rather quickly. It is now one of the most powerful marketing tools. It is majorly used for content marketing, networking and audience building.

Instagram now has approximately 600 M users who are scrolling their feeds, liking comments and responding to posts on a regular basis.

  1. Be sure to promote your dedicated hashtags on all your social media pages:
    Just by creating a unique hashtag for your business isn’t enough, you need to broadcast it – familiarize the audience with it. You can make sure it’s there on all your social media pages, On your printed receipts, etc.
  2. Get creative- Be funny, crazy, ironic; basically, be anything but boring with your hashtags
    Nobody bothers to entertain anyone or anything that’s boring, Try using long meaning sentences rather than using one-word captions. Not that you cannot use them.
  3. Bio link can help you drive traffic; use it wisely.
    It is a prime factor in your Instagram biodata. You do not want to drive your audience always to your same old home page. Instead upgrade it on a regular basis, maybe once in two weeks, redirect your viewers to your latest updates.
  4. Get social: Interact with influencers, make them a fan of your brand- nothing beats the recommendation of a happy customer.
    You can activate push notification for all the influencers who you think can be helpful for your brand. Constantly network with them, get them familiarized with you and your brand. Make friendly relations to ensure they willingly and dedicatedly promote your baby.
  5. Don’t forget your call to actions!
    Let’s keep it in mind that the audience needs to be guided as to what is to be done. So shoot outs giveaways and contests are one of the trending ways to get people to engage on your page. Get create/ get social is the basic motto.

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