Social media marketing

Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing is no longer a matter of maybe. It has become a necessity.
The major question most companies have is HOW they should execute a meaningful and engaging approach to their Social media that can generate remarkable results.

With the number of options available, marketers must be able to strategize the practice that’s best suited for them. Its ok to make mistakes in the process, but to learn and to make maximum benefit from it is what’s important.

Here are a few most important Do’s and Don’ts’s of Social Media Marketing.

Get creative: 

Be sure to create thoughtful content for your posts. Using the Same content, again and again, would not be effective beyond a point. You should either highlight different information or try targeting a different set of audience.

It’s all about Interaction: 
The true success of SMM is in getting your audience to engage. This can be possible only by finding the right balance between self-promotion and intriguing content. You should be able to inspire people, get them to like – comment. Ask interesting questions on your social media platforms, get your existing client to engage- show them you are there to care.

Customize the flow:
If you have a wide range of audience, be sure to do your homework to learn the preference of sites for the majority of your audience. What kind of topics do they get fascinated with? Based upon that you should strategize your campaigns Also pay attention to the timings you post on your platforms.

Remember why you started off:
Be sure to focus on the purpose of your SMM. Set realistic goals and be sure to test the effectiveness of your work from time to time. Experimenting and innovating is a part of marketing. Keep yourself up to date about latest trends.

One size doesn’t fit all:
As marketers, we should remember that not every audience would react in the same way. Most important fact to be kept in mind is that your FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages should not contain exact same information. Be sure to have enough variations and innovations.

Robots’ a strict No:
Make sure you don’t give your online audiences the same frustrating experience that you receive from those robot chat services.

Social media is indeed a very powerful tool, use it wisely and you can ace your business from better to the best.