Facebook Organic Reach

How to Deal With Declining Organic Reach on Facebook

You must have noticed that comparatively Facebook has become very stringent in their organic reach. Though yes you can always resort to paid services, here are a few basic tips you could implement in order to deal with the declining organic reach on your page.

1 Be choosier with your content:

Marketers need to choose quality over quantity now. The old method of untargeted, frequent publishing should be replaced by selective and targeted publishing. The idea is to get more crowd to interact on these individual posts.

2 Encourage your fans to engage in your posts:

You must be familiar with the adding of reminders like “LIKE” “SHARE” and “SUBSCRIBE”. This should be done in high priority so that you could remind your favourite viewers to engage on your page. You could even remind them that they could change their notification settings to be the first one to know when a post is being shared on the page.

3 Broadcast on FACEBOOK LIVE:

Start using the LIVE feature that is available on Facebook. If you are already using then increase your frequency. Users are tending to spend 3x times more watching live videos. Advertise your activities in order to generate buzz. You should try showcasing bloopers- in the make contents in order to interest the audience.

4 Spend more time on your assets:

Since change is the only constant when it comes to Facebook, instead of spending a lot of time on it, spend more on your original content, i.e.,  your website- the blogs, the case studies, the e-books etc.  This could add to your advantage even under circumstances of Facebook change. This would help redirect traffic to your webpage.

5 Get your targeting right:

If you are willing to pay to advertise, be sure to get your targeting right. Once you post and advertise your content to your targeted audience try boasting it to amplify your reach. This would help in the long run since it is not far away that organic reach would be literally negligible.


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