Wondering how to market your business online? We are here to help!

New to the online business world? Don’t know how to use the digital world to market your products online?

As our company tagline suggests, Fleapo provides Information Technology solutions and end to end digital marketing experience. We help in creating our client’s brand online.

We specialize in prototyping, digital branding, mobile app development, web development, and social media marketing.
We started off in 2015 headquartered in India, and have offices in other countries like Kosovo, USA and UK.

We have over 60 members worldwide and we are on an expanding spree. We intend to take in more aspiring minds over the span of next few years to increase workforce.

We have catered to over 100 clients worldwide and that number is growing everyday exponentially.



Our Mission:

We aspire to establish Fleapo in 195 countries while catering to thousands of clients worldwide.

Our Culture:

To provide perfect solutions to all your business and digital marketing needs.

We believe in adding values, building strong teams through collaborative business.

Our primary focus is customer satisfaction. Our core attributes include continuous improvement, improvisation and maintaining individuality.


Our Commitment:

We are committed to providing you service beyond expectations and products that are of high-quality. Our key functions include:

  • Assisting you in all your professional IT solutions that help you in expanding your business further.
  • Client’s interest and requirement fulfillment: top priority.
  • Driving business models through collaboration.
  • Continuous growth and improvement through Innovation.
  • Serving society over ourselves.
  • Delivering nothing but the best every time.


Our Approach:

We follow a general path based on an agile methodology to remain flexible yet collaborative in our approach. We can boast of our experienced and knowledgeable IT engineers who enable implementation of the same.

Logical route followed:

  • Project Start: the initiation of the project through the formulation of the problem.
  • Ideation: developing ideas that support the company’s growth and innovation.
  • Collaboration: collaborating of innovative minds as a team to deliver projects effectively.
  • Prototyping: creating dummy models of the products for overall viability testing.
  • Development: development of solutions into workable outcomes, to meet exact customer requirements.
  • Review: reviewing of processes to check current status or impeding issues faced.
  • Optimization: optimization of product through bug fixing, and implementing alternatives with highest performance payoff. 


Services Offered:

So let us come to our core processes now.

Our core services include: prototyping, digital branding, mobile app development, web development and social media marketing.

Let’s look into each of them in details:


So what exactly is meant by prototyping?

Prototyping refers to creating a semi-functional demo model of the actual project. Prototypes help us to understand the requirements correctly and functions delivered without much investment.

Prototyping is especially crucial for mobile app development and also for validation of material design. It is instrumental in verifying graphical user interface (Front-end) and usability of the applications.

Design Process:

A unique four-step procedure is followed in materializing our designs from conception to completion.

  • Design: speeded up through iOS and Android components.
  • Prototype: a steady and executable dummy model is created to give a complete look and feel of the application
  • Preview: Prototype made accessible on any mobile device (Android or iOS ), for a better review of the experience in real time environment.
  • Share: Prototypes are shared among investors, potential consumers and their responses are recorded before venturing into any serious investment.


So now the question arises, what is it that we provide different from others?

Our prototypes help you as clients to understand the structure, appearance and performance of your app/website under different workable scenarios. The flow of data, interactions between modules and animations in UI can be validated easily by you.

We boast of immense experience in prototyping.

We understand your ideas, visualize them and turn them into a real system through focused effort and bringing precision.

Our Prototyping helps in identification of errors early in the process reducing downtimes and preventing large-scale failures.


 No, we don’t just develop mobile apps though we can boast about being the technology leaders in this sector.

We help to grip brand positioning, USP’s, products and services through the apps developed by us.

Fleapo helps you to perform better than your competitors through faster and better frameworks that develop your idea in the form of a creative mobile application.

App Design Process:

We build Android, iOS and native apps with multiplatform adaptability and appealing UI/UX.  A four step methodology is followed in order to do so:

  • Research and Strategy : Study of the target industry and the business
  • Wire-framing and Prototyping: Creation of initial prototypes to understand viability better.
  • Design Implementation: Implementing prototypes through innovative designs and unique creative ideas.
  • Development: Identifying the best technological plans and adapt them so that the apps created are efficient.

We engage engineers and designers certified in professional UI/UX courses and support them with advanced tools and design techniques.

We implement functional and user- testing through computer labs to minimize bug count and improve usability of code.

Collaboration with clients is also a crucial point for us, as their inputs are important for regular checks on the processes developed.



What is the most fundamental way of marketing through the web?

Developing a website is what comes first to your mind, isn’t it?

Fleapo helps in creating the most attractive websites through responsive web designs and modern technologies that create the required brand value for your company.

Fleapo designs with style and substance to drive traffic to your website. Your website becomes an interactive platform where information can be shared, uploaded and interacted with (dynamic content).

Website development process:

  • Research and Strategy: Analysis of business models, to develop products that sell unique value.
  • Wire-framing and Prototyping: Creation and execution of prototypes to test all stages so that they are bug-free.
  • Design Implementing: through most efficient and performance-driven tools and technology.
  • Backend development: employment of the best team of backend developers delivering results exactly as specified by our customers.


What do we offer better in website development?

We offer B2C /B2B e-commerce website designs implementing business intelligence solutions.

Our team of certified engineers and designers apply robust information architecture and innovative designs to provide better user experience.

We incorporate manual and automated testing of designs to make our websites bug free.

Our team believes in continuous improvement and end to end collaboration with clients for complete process tracking.


Fleapo helps in creating a strong online presence through effective branding. This is extremely crucial for every business operating online or offline, as it facilitates marketing and publicity in the most effective way.

Digital marketing modules:

  • Consulting: understanding the target business markets for clients and then offer the best way of reaching to the customers.
  • Ideating: providing innovative budget-friendly business plans and ideas exclusively for your business needs.
  • Designing: providing guidance in designing the best marketing plan so that you can reach results with the best ROI.
  • Storytelling: merging appealing content with adaptable storytelling to make your business more attractive to the target audience.

Thus Fleapo provides complete solutions for all your marketing needs.  We strategize to attract, nurture, and develop our client’s business. It means helping our client’s server their customers better online.

We do the above through the following ways:

  • We research and understand your business and set achievable goals.
  • We develop the best budget-friendly digital marketing plan through evaluation of various plans.
  • We facilitate effective social media marketing through Facebook , Instagram , etc.
  • We track and evaluate your outreach and conversion rates, thus keeping you ahead of your competitors constantly.


Client Industries Served :

Fleapo has already served almost all sectors and industries possible: Here is a selected list of them:

  • Financial services: Creation of products and services facilitating financial decisions of firms.
  • Healthcare: providing products and services which help the health sector digitize.
  • Education: designing websites for engaging and developing the upcoming generations.
  • Governments : facilitating government services through digital platforms.
  • Social Media: creation of trendy and traffic driven content.
  • Real estate/ property : Website development for branding and marketing of real estate projects.
  • Travel/ Transport: creation of engaging websites for ecstatic travelogue experiences.
  • E-commerce : website development for perfect shopping experiences.


Our Projects:

Let us now look into the projects that we have already completed. Here we present a snapshot of the milestones that we have already achieved.


It is online accounting software that helps to plan, manage and analyze finances for a company. It incorporates business intelligence to give results which are way more insightful than any other accounting software. We had to create a website for them which represents their creative edge as shown below:



They are eastern India’s largest TATA motors dealers. Their website needed a raw feel and content that showcased their products in the best way. So we built their website in the following way:



It is a website and app development company that believe in turning consumers into brand marketers.

Tagmango gives people a platform to partner with brands and brands, a platform to reach their potential consumers through the people who agree to collaborate thus making it a business facilitated through networking.

They needed a website which showcased their uniqueness and creativity.



Thus through brilliant insights, constantly upgrading skills and customized development we strive to achieve excellence. We try to achieve on-time deliveries, high-quality products, and services through a culture driven by discipline, professionalism and innovative thinking.

We intend to treat our employees the best so that they, in turn, can provide the best services to our customers thus uplifting the entire organization.

We hope to achieve our mission within next few years through the implementation of continuous improvement and constant growth.

Lastly, we hope to give off to society much more than we gain from it and thus facilitate growth which includes everyone.