IPhone X: Complete Review

IPhone X: Complete Review

Apple chose to celebrate 10 glorious years into launching iPhone, with yet another kickass flagship called iPhone X.
After years of signature iPhone design, it is right to say iPhone X is the most radical change to the iPhone formula ever. Apple has undoubtedly built a seriously impressive product.

iPhone X literally is power packed with everything a techy would look for, from build quality to comfortable design, its conveniently expansive screen, and amazingly great performance.
Being a first-gen device in this flagship, iPhone X has its set of flaws. The notch provided is more like an acquired taste and not everyone would like it.

iPhone X has an end-to-end screen design with a 5.8-inch HD Super Retina display. It comes enriched with HDR and True Tone. It has been designed with the most durable glass ever seen in a smartphone and also encompasses surgical grade stainless steel band.


iPhone X could be called a combination of trends, need, and yearning. The new iPhone gets back into the game with glass back, keeping aside the slippery matt aluminum, and sick a couple of glitters within the back and edges that reminds us of the iPhone 3G of 2008.

You get a reasonably massive 5.8-inch screen in an exceeding phone that’s simple to use with one hand. Not solely did I actually have no drawback stretching my thumb across the show, as a result of there’s little edge on the iPhone X on top of and below the screen, the phone is considerably shorter and narrower than the iPhone 8 and; the iPhone X is additionally an oz. lighter than the iPhone 8 Plus. However, the iPhone X feels denser and heavier than the Galaxy S8 that has a similar size 5.8-inch display. The rear is created of glass that permits wireless charging. Unfortunately, Apple continues to not provide an earphone jack, even supposing the Galaxy S8 and Note eight have one.

Processor and Memory:

Apple iPhone X runs on the latest iOS 11. It was exclusively tailored for the iPhone X with a completely new design, new gestures and function tools. Other than these above-mentioned changes, iPhone X has the same iOS 11 that was announced back in June that is being run on the other iPhone flagships. It’s not a majorly redefining upgrade.
The interface could have a little more refining, and also a bigger battery would’ve been nice. Its right to say, the iPhone definitely isn’t the best of its jewel flagships– still; it provides a strong scope of improvement for the iPhones of tomorrow to build on.


iPhone X has 2 rear cameras (one wide-angle and one telephoto) for clear optical zooming and bokeh-style portrait photos. Apple additionally loaded lighting tools you’ll tweak to add a lot of drama to your portraits. The iPhone X incorporates a slightly quicker aperture (f/2.4 and optical image stabilization on each lens. These factors facilitate the iPhone X capture a touch more detail and sharpness. Once recording zoomed-in video, the iPhone X’s dual-OIS setup is particularly useful, as videos are perceptibly more stable.
The iPhone X can use the front camera skills for something different, other than Face ID and selfies –Capture Animated emojis. It will be applied to make sure bring life into emojis.
Suppose Snap chat filters to the intense, with the flexibility to record yourself talking with animal faces – or the poo emoji – and send that to your friends. It will be utilized by anyone gazing at the front-facing camera is saved as a .mov file and might then be shared.


The iPhone X features a comparatively tiny 2,716mAh battery, there’s a lot of to battery life than the dimensions, and optimization plays an enormous role.
iPhone X simply achieves between 5 and 6 hours of screen-on time. The iPhone X doesn’t embody a fast charging adapter, therefore it takes virtually hours to replenish. It supports fast charging, it simply doesn’t include a charger that may couple. Fast charging on the iPhone X reportedly charges from empty to 50 percent in about half-hour. It conjointly offers wireless charging.

Face ID: 

Face ID is the new deal indeed. You can now unlock your device using Biometric unlocking using your face. It’s both Secure and hardware-based. It will not be fooled by photos or masks. Apple has placed a great deal of stress on obtaining it right. powered by the A11 Bionic chip, all process is finished on the device instead of via a server which means you will be ready to unlock the phone despite your connection to the outside world – and while not sharing your face information anywhere else.
Setting it up takes about thirty seconds and once enabled, you’ll have to be compelled to actively cross-check the sensing element array at the top of the device (in the notch) to unlock your phone and you will still want a PIN as a backup. in the real world, it’s worked 9.5 times out of 10 for us. it isn’t excellent, however, it’s totally smart.


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